Anthropolis is a public benefit non-profit association, founded in 2002.

Global education (developing and distributing educational materials, organising workshops and courses for both students and adults) and awareness raising (organising cultural events, exhibitions, screening series, panel discussions and conferences with reference to development problems and social sciences) are the main working areas of Anthropolis. Anthropolis is a member HAND Platform [] (Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid). Anthropolis is one of the main and most active promoters on global education in Hungary.

Anthropolis met the digital storytelling method in 2010 and since then the organization delivered several workshops and projects for diverse target groups e.g. teachers, people in special need, individuals, etc. Anthropolis organized international workshops for teachers and trainers from all over Europe.  Anthropolis dedicates a website especially for DST [] where all the connected activities (workshops, films, materials) are available.

In the last decade Anthropolis has been working together with more than 50 European non-governmental organisations in the field of education, culture, research and social work. We have built strategic partnerships with local communities, decision makers, universities, NGOs and educational development institutes.







Le Partenariat is an association under the 1901 law, created in 1981, which implements various development programmes in Senegal, Morocco and Guinea. In 2006, Gaïa Centre opened, with a focus on Global Citizenship Education activities. It aims to raise awareness among students and teachers on issues of citizenship, sustainable development and international solidarity. Active pedagogy is the methodology chosen by Gaïa Centre as the backbone of all its activities.

Accredited as a “complementary association of formal education”, our centre welcomes more than 8,000 people a year. To maximize the impact of the association, our staff also facilitates workshops in schools on topics such as basic needs, interculturality, inequalities in access to education or gender equality.

Le Partenariat is also a member of several local, regional and national networks and platforms, such as the regional international cooperation network Lianes cooperation.

Our field of expertise ranges from awareness-raising workshops for primary and secondary school pupils, teacher training courses for teachers, development of educational materials, collaboration in European projects as lead or partner and advocacy for GL and climate education.



Video of our immersive workshops :



LABC is a company based in Torino (IT). LABC is a learning community, aiming to share and build upon the experience of professionals in the field of individual and community wellness, group-work, education and training, reintegration into labour market, project management.

LABC is enriched by pan-European collaborations, always adopting and promoting the principles of:

- collaborative learning: we exchange, improve and share experiences, resources and skills, in order to optimize international and intermodal collaborations, develop and transfer of methodologies and praxis

- generativity: we establish, support and guide the ability to create, generate and produce new psychological, social and educational tools, models and praxis, with the aim of spreading them freely throughout the community


LABC is active and experienced in:

# care work, individual and community well-being through a widespread range of activities, including group work sessions, supervisions, training, consultancy on management, organization of public events, lectures and seminars

# Education and Research by designing learning methodologies and implementing training materials and tools dedicated to improve the awareness of participants and recipients on topics of particular interest in psychological, educational, social and environmental fields.






InterClimate Trust is a UK charity (UK Charity number 1100981) that empowers young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead the debate and action on climate change and to make informed educational and career choices. We use the brand and working name InterClimate Network (ICN).


ICN engages young people aged from 13 to 18 across the UK with the complexities of climate change to inspire their climate action and promote their voices in their own sustainable future. Working with secondary schools, we organise interactive events, produce educational resources, and act as a network for sharing climate-focused opportunities with teachers and students.


Our team of long-standing associates and volunteers implement the ‘Climate Voices’ Programm which includes our flagship Model Climate Conferences (MCCs). In these, students take part in debate, critical thinking, action-planning, and advocacy.  The impact of the conferences is embedded and translated into subsequent Climate Action in schools, supported by ICN follow-up .  In this way, their actions are reinforced through recognition of individual and group achievements and by taking up opportunities to ‘have a say’.


The programme provides opportunities for developing life-skills and promoting leadership skills, as well as informing young people’s life choices with regard to climate change. Our approach reaches the very age group acknowledged as critical to our climate future, but with whom many charities find it difficult to engage, especially in more highly disadvantaged areas.




Twitter: @ClimateVoicesUK

Liverpool World Centre (LWC) is a charity and company limited by guarantee. LWC exists to make world issues relevant to the lives of people young and old. Education is a crucial part of people’s lives, therefore LWC works with adults and educators to facilitate understanding of global issues and promote positive social change. LWC has 8 paid staff, and 2 volunteers, but also has a bank of 8 associate workshop leaders. LWC was founded in 2001 and has worked with 237 of schools in Merseyside (50%), and over 2000 adults.

Liverpool World Centre chairs the national Consortium of Development Education Centres (CoDEC) and leads the TEESNet network in partnership with Liverpool Hope University.
Liverpool World Centre uses established and innovative participatory education methodologies to encourage inclusive education that is able to explore a wide range of global issues. The organisation works with schools, teachers, trainee teachers, community organisations, universities and informal education providers to achieve their aims.

Diciannove società cooperativa was established in 2005 as as an ICT cooperative company, it focuses on support for organizations active in social issues, and it operates mainly in Northern Italy, providing solutions to health and social departments in 3 regional Health Dept and to the National Ministry of Education.

Diciannove counts 9 associated members and a wide network of collaborators. Both members and collaborators of Diciannove has a huge experience in intervention within the social and educational field, with adults as well with youngsters, in various different issues such as intercultural integration, social inclusion, work-life balance, application of ICT tools to health, education and social policies.

The management of projects both at local, regional and European level is part of the core business as well, together with collaborations for educational and training centres to provide course in development and management of European projects.
All consulting and management services are certified ISO 9001:2015.

Diciannove is also certified by Family Audit, the Italian standard certification for work-life balance in management and services provisions.

Diciannove’s mission is to provide, using mainly free software, a dynamic and flexible approach to ICT and social needs, highly customized web solutions, dynamic applications, e-learning, guaranteed data security, very high quality standards.

Diciannove’s developers are experienced in software design, development, localization and deploy.
The company is also a hosting provider and manages its own virtual Linux-based infrastructure.

The Library “problems and solutions to climate change in my school and community” and the private area to upload your data will be available soon!