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Face to Face training in Italy October 1st-3rd 2021

After two online training sessions in May and July, partners and teachers involved in the I-CAN project will meet for the first time in Turin (Italy) at the end of the week. During 3 days, the participants from France, Hungary, Italy and United Kingdom will discover the “Climate Action Guide for Teachers, Pupils and Policy […]

Some answers to questions that some participants are curious about

Q1: Why just some cities are participating from the UK/Hungary/France/Italy? O2: Why just some countries participating in this international training. I read somewhere it is promoted by EU.. there are more countries in the EU..where was Germany for example? Or Poland? Slovakia? Belgium? Etc. Q3:Why the UK is in it when it is not part […]

Let’s start working for a different future

I-CAN represents what is in our power: to change the order of things. I-CAN “International Climate Action Network” is aimed at introducing teachers and students to make the COP-Conference (Conference of the Parties) methodology, a participatory consensus methodology officially adopted by the United Nations, their own. It means giving back the power to imagine and […]